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In December 2011, I visited Miles Franklin’s fledgling PM storage operation with Brink’s Canada in Montreal, Quebec.  Nearly two years in the making, we created what we viewed as the industry’s finest such program – finally accepting shipments.  We had less than five clients when I last entered the vault, but the future appeared bright.

At “MILES FRANKLIN, PROTECTION PROVIDER,” we investigate all avenues in the pursuit of safeguarding clients’ financial well-being; and this was our proudest achievement.  Subsequently, I summarized the experience in…


As I watched the operation grow, I realized it was the best option for my personal PM holdings.  It took years to reconcile the concept of third-party storage with my ultra-skeptical mind; but once I realized the benefits – and gained TRUST in Brinks’ personnel – the decision was simple.  Thus, in October 2012, I announced my decision to utilize the program for my own gold and silver…


Just 14 months later, our Brink’s storage program is dramatically larger; and I expect this rate of growth to increase in the coming years.  There are too many reasons to NOT consider safeguarding one’s life’s savings; and given the advantages this program possesses, it’s difficult to imagine a better option.  In fact, the amount of viable alternatives is rapidly decreasing; as last week’s ViaMat announcement – that it’s abandoning U.S. customers – attests…


Last weekend, I traveled with Andy Schectman – Miles Franklin’s President; and Joel Kravitz, creator of the Brink’s Montreal program; to observe our quarterly audit – the FIRST including an independent auditor.

I was amazed to see how sophisticated the operation had become; utilizing updated technology, communication, and auditing processes.  In a matter of hours, EVERY OUNCE of client holdings were counted; whilst a handful of armed guards and management personnel stood by.

The independent auditor viewed the accounting for each customers’ metal; including my own, Andy Schectman’s, and David Schectman’s.  Working for INSPECTORATE – a division of Bureau Veritas Group; he has audited vaults for nearly every type of financial institution imaginable.  Operating in 140 countries, INSPECTORATE is a worldwide leader in independent auditing…

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Following this visit, I was more convinced than ever that our hard work had paid off.  Miles Franklin’s partnership with Brink’s is blossoming; and clients worldwide are benefiting from the safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of this unique operation.  For further information, give us a call; or view details at www.preciousmetalstorage.net; or via the Fact Sheet below:

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage Fact Sheet


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