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Tomorrow’s election represents an historic inflection point for America; NOT because a new Administration will effect change – Democrat or Republican – but because it will likely reside over the END GAME for “King Dollar”; and with it, the 20th century’s leading empire.

By my estimation, citizens’ apathy toward this election is like none I’ve witnessed – with most people resigned to their fates, caring little who wins.  In fact, in an unprecedented campaign of bilateral negativity – at unprecedented cost – the closest thing to TRUTH I heard was Romney’s now infamous “flub”; when at a closed-door political dinner, he averred…

There are 47% of the people who will vote for the President no matter what – who are dependent on government; believe they are victims; believe government has the responsibility to care for them; and believe they are entitled to healthcare, food, and housing.

Of course, ALL 47% do not consider themselves victims; and certainly, ALL 47% do not feel “entitled” to have their lives paid for.  However, in today’s GENERATION GIMME culture – perpetuated by the last vestiges of a FIAT CURRENCY REGIME that fosters unfunded government largesse; it is 100% TRUE that a large, rapidly growing segment of society is embracing the one-way societal benefits of socialism…

Americans Aged 18-29 Have A More Favorable Response To Socialism Than To Capitalism

…which is probably why Obama will be re-elected accelerating the nation’s road to ruin; not that Romney would do any better, but Obama’s socialistic PLATFORM will likely do the job faster

Intrade – Barack Obama to be re-elected President in 2012

Of course, the title of today’s RANT has nothing to do with politics and socialism; but alternatively, the “WAIT AND SEE” attitude most “investors” have about potential Precious Metal purchases; as if somehow, the outcome of the election will have a meaningful impact on their “buy” or “wait to buy” decision.

Indeed, Miles Franklin’s day-to-day business has slowed since the Cartel instituted “ELECTION LOCKDOWN” when gold was on the verge of a “triple top breakout” in mid-September; let alone, as both Euro Gold and Rupee Gold – the WORLD’S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETS – briefly touched ALL-TIME HIGHS.  However – FYI – the amount of VERY LARGE purchases has remained steady; as clearly, the nation’s wealthiest citizens are starting to understand the “holy grail of the financial world”; i.e, PHYSICAL PMs are NOT “investments,” but savings.

I learned this long ago; which is why I purchase PHYSICAL gold and silver whenever cash flow increases.  I couldn’t care less if an election, employment report, or Fed meeting is upcoming; as in my view, at ANY TIME a major crisis might commence – at which point, “precious” supply could be GONE FOREVER…

Once one realize OUNCES – not “dollars” – define true wealth, the urge to “WAIT AND SEE” is forever eliminated.  Hopefully, you will use this “golden opportunity” to PROTECT YOURSELF – and do it NOW!


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