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Imagine that 2 weeks ago you were a Cypriot and faced losing some or all of your bank balances.  What would you have thought?  I ask you this question because chances are… you are not a Cypriot and you haven’t had your life savings “locked up” …yet.  You see, whether you know it or want to believe it, we will all be “Cypriots” sooner or later.  Pooh pooh me, stick your head in the sand or send me nasty e-mails, MATHEMATICALLY the entire world WILL become Cyprus sooner or later.  Mathematically we are on a crash course with a global debt/currency crisis of epic proportions.

And I know this how?  Simple, use a little street logic with basic math and read HISTORY.  History is full of episodes where “paper money” caused the complete ruin of societies since the beginning of time.  Jim Sinclair posted yesterday a writing about the hyperinflationary aftermath of the French Revolution.  Andrew D. White wrote this in 1912:


It is a long read and will take an hour or more.  I believe this is an absolute MUST READ and should be read with an eye to comparing today’s conditions and policy responses (and the spin) to those of the late 1700’s in France.  They don’t just rhyme, they are a near exact duplicate.

OK, back to being a Cypriot, what would you “shoulda woulda coulda” done?  No really, put yourself in their place and think… think long and think hard.  If “Cyprus” were to happen here in the States (or whatever country you are reading this in), what would you “wish” you had done ahead of time?  If you had the ability to foresee this “future” what would you do now to prepare ahead of time.  Do you see the opportunity here?  You are being handed “the future” of the entire globe on a platter AND given some time to think and prepare for it, don’t waste the opportunity!

If you absolutely knew that “Cyprus” was coming to your world, would you sit tight and “hope for the best?”  The fact that you are even reading this piece tells me that you know either something is really wrong or going to completely break.  Would you just leave all your money in the bank or would you have some available at the “Bank of Serta” to be at your disposal should your ATM and credit cards not “function” quite correctly.  Would you want some gold and silver in your possession?  Maybe have some vaulted outside of the country?  Would you want a stock of food so that you wouldn’t need to fight crowds or beg for it when you (or your kids) get hungry?  Would you want arms to protect yourself?  And enough ammo to protect you and yours for as long as it takes for society to reboot?

You can right now make whatever preparations that you think necessary.  You can take a few hundred dollars out of the bank and be done with it or you can go “full bore survivalist” or anywhere in between, the choice is yours.  All I am saying is that you still have time (right now) to do anything and everything that you believe necessary.  The day will come when there are no longer “choices” as you will have to play the hand that you’re dealt.  Just look around you and what is being done.  Executive order after executive order is being signed, arms, ammo and tanks are being stockpiled by “domestic” agencies and our country does not even resemble what it did 20 years ago.  What more evidence do you need?  They are “preparing” for something big, what do you suppose it is?

Briefly, from a financial standpoint what would you want to own if (when) the U.S. banking system goes all “Cyprus” on us?  I would suggest gold and silver (even platinum) any and every way possible.  Inside the country, outside the country, in the ground and currently being produced and in the ground waiting for future production… in as many jurisdictions as possible!  We can (and probably will) go through confiscations, treacherous taxation, nationalizations and THEFT by every means possible… which is why you need to have “money” in every way, means, jurisdiction and location as  possible.  To “survive” financially you will probably need just one of your strategies to work.  Please keep in mind that we are dealing with a paper currency that WILL eventually go to zero and a paper system that will close completely in a heap of zero value.  The inverse of zero is infinity …which means that 1 or 2% of the population (such a small percentage still at this late date own metals) will have “infinity” (ALL the marbles)!  This is not new thinking.  It has always been this way throughout every single “paper experiment” ever tried and ever failed.  Read the linked piece above and tell me that we are any different from the French of the late 1700’s?  Tell me we are any different from any society that collapsed because paper does not inherently have value?  We are all Cypriots now, just as we are the 1920 Wiemar Germans, Argentinians, Russians, Zimbabweans and yes even Americans (we had 3 paper currencies go valueless in our own history).  Please, do whatever you believe that you will need to do NOW while you still can, “woulda shoulda coulda” won’t cut it this time around!