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Is the US Federal Reserve going to save the world financial system from collapse? Or are they likely to make the inevitable crash much worse?

James Grants weighs in and de-mystifies the Fed mumbo jumbo over at RealEconTV.  This is an exceptional interview.  Please, take the time to watch it.  It is very educational.

Jim Grant explains how Central Banks are Waging War on Supply and Demand

Gold is still holding above $1,630.  Depending on whose view you follow, gold needs to hold at $1,630 or $1,620 and certainly above $1,600.  So far it has, but barely.  The Cartel is working overtime to push gold below this threshold.  And silver is barely above the important $30 price point.  Will physical buying be enough to sidetrack the paper manipulation taking place on the COMEX?  Yes, but maybe not at these prices.  A rally from today’s close would be very bullish.