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Everyone feels nostalgic about something – their childhood, a former love interest, or a long past moment in time, when reminded of ephemeral happiness.  Such feelings encompass the individual human experience, or – in the case of the proverbial “good old days” – past eras of perceived comfort or simplicity.  Or, in financial terms, decades of economic prosperity, efficiency, and a strong correlation between effort and results.

My new favorite macroeconomic analyst – Charles Biderman of TrimTabs– puts it beautifully when he describes the clueless “Powers That Be” assuming if they can just “find a plan that works,” the good old days of economic prosperity and soaring financial markets will return…

Biderman: “The World Cannot Go Back To The Way It Was”

Unfortunately, like a ship that long ago sailed, the Western economy’s strength – and global dominance – is but a memory, and one day will be viewed as a blip in the sands of time (aside from iPhones, of course!).  The below, three-minute pictorial of 1,000 years of European history represents one of the finest pieces of comprehensive research I have EVER seen, a perfect analogue of how the so-called “importance” of today’s Anglo-American- dominated society will eventually be forgotten

Greek Election Aftermath In 1000 Years Of Context

Just as a baby grows to be a man – excepting the Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Seven, but I look a lot older – Curious Case of Benjamin Button

…a Ponzi Scheme must expand to survive, until it eventually collapses of its own weight.

Ponzi Scheme – Wikipedia

Such is the nature of fiat currency systems, be they isolated – as the 1920s German Reichsmark – or global, as is the case today.  In 1971, most nations had little, if any debt, and the only means of generating “wealth” was via the production of desired goods and services.  Moreover, two billion Eastern Hemisphere inhabitants produced nothing, and didn’t even have access to the information they possess today, let alone the means – or government-support – to pursue such ends.

For that brief period of time, the West DOMINATED the industrial –and financial – world, led by the apparently indomitable “King Dollar.”  It took decades of debt growth and production decline, but eventually the combination of a monetary Ponzi Scheme and loss of industrial market share ended its reign.  Europe may be the focus of today’s news headlines, but as Gerald Celente stated this weekend…
It’s not about the Greeks, the Spanish, the Italians, the English, or the Chinese.  It’s about EVERYBODY.
China has taken the mantle of industrial SUPERPOWER, but sadly, its horribly mismanaged economy – care of Communist planning, overpopulation, and the ill-fated decision to peg the Yuan to the dollar – leaves it equally vulnerable to the fiat cancer rapidly spreading round the globe.  Mark my words, China will feel the full brunt of the gathering monetary tsunami, but will “remain standing” when all is said and done, which is more than I can say of the supposed “leaders” in America and Europe.

We all know what happens when debt spirals out of control, yielding the same result EVERY time.  Once debt becomes unpayable, it’s only a matter of time before BANKRUPTCY arrives.  TPTB are “running on fumes” in their attempts to alter public PERCEPTION of this inevitability, having but three, increasingly useless weapons remaining – MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA.

Unfortunately, the law of “DIMINISHING RETURNS” ensures all three “weapons” lose their potency, which is EXACTLY where we stand today.  It was fun while it lasted – you know, borrowing and spending money we didn’t have – but “WE CAN’T GET IT BACK.”


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