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Q: Just saw the info David presented on the Donald.
If looks as if he is no better than any other politician.
Likes the 2nd amendment but not the 4th.
How is any woman’s pregnancy status any of the governments business or
anyone’s but her and her doctors?
Clowns like he and most of the politicians we have today that think they
have the right to pick and choose which of the amendments we deserve are
the problem.
When they take that one, the second will be next.  Then the first.
Then the fifth and sixth.  
They have already screwed up the finances beyond repair with fiat
Supporting fools like Trump can only lead to more of the erosion of our
rights. And more government control of our lives.
His first point of making Iraq pay for an invasion they did not ask for
is akin to Obama care- requiring people to buy a product they do not
My question is, do you think his/these policies are good?
David Schectman’s Answer:
What you are seeing play out on the National Stage is not much different from what we went through a few years ago here in Minnesota when Jesse Ventura, a local professional wrestler who was anti-establishment pulled off an unexpected upset over the incumbent politicians. No one would have though it possible. Well, the same thing is possible for Donald Trump. He has the support of a mass of voters who are fed up with politics as usual and they are willing to put up with his arrogance and bold style because at least he says what’s on his mind and doesn’t live in a world of politically correct sound bites. Do I agree with all of his positions? Hell no, but he would still get my vote because we must stop Hillary from continuing the disastrous policies that have set this country so far back in the eyes of our allies and the rest of the world.
The only problem is The Donald still would have to find a way to get Congress to work with him and that would be a problem. That was Jesse’s big problem too – the legislature hated him and he had a hard time getting his programs through. Remember, the President doesn’t make laws (unless his name is Obama), he only vetoes them.
We’re not out of the woods yet and even a term or two with The Donald will not fix all that ails us, but it’s far better than a second Clinton in the White House. Far better.
If you don’t like Trump, find another Republican to vote for. It will be the lesser of two evils.
A long time ago Glen Nallick recommended that I speak with you; you took my call, put me in contact with Andy, and we’ve had a great time doing business and enjoying a little conversation plus golf since then.
My note today is just to tell you I am again enjoying your input to the Miles Franklin daily newsletter. Straight talk with a touch of personality. Love it. Glad you could take that little time off to recharge-but I appreciate your contributions-always-and am glad you are back. Love Hoffman’s insights. Thoroughly enjoy Holter as well. But the touch of the DS-priceless.
You and your team have been very helpful in my financial stewardship for about six years (I think) and I am grateful.
Blessings to you and your family.
What a lovely email. It’s nice to be appreciated and we all try really hard to satisfy all of our clients and readers. We are sincere; we are hard working and professional. We are vindicated when we hear comments like yours. Thank you for your loyalty and for your business.
Best of everything,
David Schectman
 Q: I have purchased both gold and silver over the last for years and have a respectable amount of silver and a little gold. I still have quite a bit in my 401 and I am considering taking some out to add to my metal holdings. Andy always says he is all in the metals.. What does he mean by that? Does he have ALL his savings in the metals or 60 or 70%? My second question is should I hold off any purchases right now as almost all I hear in the media, even Larry Edelson says gold and silver have a long way down to go over the next two years?

Andy Hoffman’s Answer:
By all in, I was speaking figuratively. I have approximately 90% of my liquid net worth in physical PMs, half in gold and half silver. As for “timing,” remember that physical gold and silver are not “investments,” but savings/insurance. That is why I don’t time, particularly as the world is falling apart and prices are well below the cost of production. Here at Miles Franklin, we are already experiencing silver shortages – and if “the powers that be” lose control, we may be back to a 2008 style situation of massive shortages. And as for Larry Edelson, let’s just say I have nothing to say – other than he neglects to tell people he emphatically called the PM “bottom” in July 2014, and was decisively wrong. And now, with his gold decline prediction (to late this year), he simultaneously is calling for Dow 31,000. LOL.