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I am EXTRAORDINARILY busy today, between my morning and afternoon RANTS, our Webinar, numerous conference calls, and even my HOA Board meeting tonight (I’m the President).  Thus, I have little time to write my RANT topic this afternoon.

Thankfully, the topic requires little introduction – or commentary – stating the EXACT viewpoint I have given for the past year.  In a nutshell, it features Ann Barnhardt – fellow Coloradan and passionate writer – well-known for her “RANTS” against the financial system, in the wake of last year’s MF Global bankruptcy and client fund theft.  Ann was a commodities broker for many years, and consequently understands the futures markets as well as anyone on the planet.   As I did when I left the corruption of Wall Street in 2005, she returned her clients’ funds and left the commodities business for good following the MF Global fiasco; in the process, becoming a crusader AGAINST the evils she saw, as I do each day.

The title of today’s piece regards the rhetorical question she posed in the below 20-minute interview with “the Doc,” of www.silverdoctors.com – one of the finest PM-related websites.  Based on her in-depth description of the risks involved, Ann states that anyone keeping their money in PAPER markets such as stocks, bonds, and commodity futures – particularly with “TBTF” banks and heavily leveraged brokers – must either be “stupid” or “on drugs”…

Ann Barnhardt – If you’re still in these Markets, you’re either STUPID or ON DRUGS

It is not 100% certain that ALL financial institutions will be swept up in the inevitable wave of bankruptcies caused by crashing economies and currencies.  However, many will, and those most heavily levered will go first.  As for the securities themselves, long-time readers know I am 100% out of the PAPER markets – likely FOREVER – and heavily recommend liquidating ANY and ALL securities in lieu of ITEMS OF INTRINSIC VALUE, such as PHYSICAL gold and silver.

In a world fraught with risk – increasing EXPONENTIALLY each day – one should be thinking as defensively as possible.  In other words, the goal should NOT be to increase the value of your wealth, but PROTECT it from collapse.  It’s all about “relative wealth,” and when everything else is crashing, you’ll feel like you’re at an “oasis in the desert” holding REAL ITEMS OF VALUE – especially inflation hedges in a hyperinflationary world.


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