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It finally happened, we have a new Federal Reserve Chairman who will take the place of the academician. Jerome Hayden “Jay” Powell will replace Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chairman at the end of Yellens term and hopefully we will no longer see financial experiments by those that have never traded. This change up may actually create real movements without the central banker hindrances within the debt arenas. What will that do to the rest of the markets and to ones investments if they are not placed properly?

Over the years our nation’s interest rates have gone against the grain of trading to the point where most investor types have vacated the rate boards and have wondered to less governed vehicles (where money flows more freely). This abandonment of traders also includes the entire G7 rates game, where imo, most of the recently created liquidity has been force fed by those that control the fiat print in order to “stay the game”. Are we going to see a change in direction with this new leader of US Dollar print?

Mr. Powell seems to be well versed within the debt instrument arena, at least at this first glance. His remarks regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac interests me more since these 2 government entities have done nothing but hinder individual buyers against those that buy in bulk. The packaging and rewrapping of Mortgage Backed Securities over the past 2 decades may cause more movements as well. This is my point of view, because most of the parked funds out there are in interest rate vehicles within the G7, and this is where I think the stored untraded liquidity will come unhinged. Where will this money flow to next? Where will the biggest moves be recorded in the future when the game of fiat is changed up once again?

This is where the switch can make or break the life savings of many, as well as those that trade in both the stocks and commodity platform arenas, especially if they gauge incorrectly. Does anyone really want to risk their life savings during a transition this big?

Over the years, Miles Franklin and our friends, have been strongly suggesting that this fiat experiment, which the central bankers have been able to extend over the centuries, will come crashing down again. It will fall upon all involved and many companies will go the way of the Dodo because of their misplaced positions. Change is the natural order of things and it will happen, timing is the only question left to answer.

What will protect the life savings from those that have placed entire nation’s economies in harm’s way? We have millennia of historical experience proving the failed fiat history, and that Silver and Gold are the only saving grace out there. Crypto currencies are all over the place these days and many are touting this as being the future of money. Is it? Sure, why not? But will I put my large portion of life savings into it? … Hell no, are you nuts?   I have been trading in the cryptos for over 6 years now and I see a potential and a more real way of bypassing banker folly, but it will NEVER take the place of real physical precious metals.

The battle between the populations under this global practice and those that make the decisions on printing more and more is reaching a climax, we all feel the fact that major change is upon us and the stresses within the markets are reaching the breaking point. Each day the window of opportunity shortens, just as the days go by from fall to winter.  People need to get prepared for interest rate changes and the inflationary movements that will occur when the transformation happens.

Miles Franklin has been guiding and helping people for decades without a single mark against their business practices. Coins, bars, monster boxes of legal tender of nations, as well as storage facilities are available under their guidance, and for those that have not wondered into any precious metals store will find their employees well versed not only in Silver and Gold, but Platinum and Palladium in coin and bar form as well.

The changes we’ve been waiting for are happening. The European Union is failing from the ground up and the passing of debt from one failed nation to another will eventually end. Jim Sinclair had artfully stated over a decade ago that the European Union is a group of bankrupt nations hiding behind a no-constitution currency and that is still fact! When the vibrations in these debt instruments start to become visible to the general public, the precious metals will have already taken off to newer highs as the newly freed liquidity looks for the cheaper vehicles trading at multi year lows (Au/Ag).

When Silver and Gold where trading sharply lower than today’s pricing, Jim Sinclair had suggested people take delivery of Silver and Gold from the COMEX. My guess is tons and tons were removed from the central banker vaults and are no longer in banker play. Miles Franklin has the ability to exchange these large purchases into legal tender. If you own 100 or 400 ounce bars of Gold or 100 to 1,000 ounce bars of Silver, and wish to transition them into legal tender (American Eagles not fiat) or rounds, they can do it and their pricing are highly competitive (Bill Holter woke the world here). Besides, it’s much easier to move coins around when they are in 1 ounce rounds or legal tender.

The new Federal Reserve chairman may be what is needed to help our nation thru the obvious tough times we face ahead. His job is to keep the system going for the benefit of our nation, not other countries. It does not mean that things will remain the same, things are changing because change is the only thing in life that is constant. Banks have been getting away with so much that none of them can really be trusted and that includes their holding of retirement accounts of millions of hard working Americans who believed the former leaders where here to help.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the many well versed people at Miles Franklin, they can answer all the questions you have regarding the precious metals swaps and with their (almost 3) decades long track record, one has far less to worry about then other precious metals dealers. If you do call in, please tell them Jeremiah sent you, I might get a pat on the back. Thank you in advance and as always ….

Stay Strong

J. Johnson