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The mint just notified us that there will be no sales until at least week of 1/28, and then, on allocated basis only.  Royal Mint also allocating, and premiums surging.

As of now, 6.0 million silver eagles sold in first half of January.  RECORD is 6.4 million for an ENTIRE MONTH (January 2011)!   The last time this happened was in 2008 and prices of PHYSICAL real deliverable silver went ballistic.  We have been telling you, the physical business is super-strong.  This is more proof of what we are experiencing.  More orders than supply!  Hint, hint – get it while you can, without paying outrageous premiums.

I emailed Ranting Andy this morning after gold’s sudden fall and rebound.  Here is a note I received from Andy:

But particularly given the TIME OF DAY (10:00 AM EST), this gold surge is completely UNPRECEDENTED in my book – as I see ZERO news to explain it.

Ah, here’s the news!


Also read Jim Sinclair’s comments on Thursday’s takedown in gold.

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Be sure and check out Gerald Celente’s comments as well.  He just released the Winter 2013 Trends Journal, a must read publication.  If you don’t subscribe to Trends, you really should.  Outstanding commentary and highly recommended.