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In the wee hours of September 6th, 2011, “DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD” reached an ALL-TIME HIGH of $1,920/oz; forcing TPTB to “go into action” with “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION I”…


Clearly, they were so terrified of gold zooming past the VERY, VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $2,000/oz, they initiated this attack simultaneously (actually, five hours before) one of the most PM-bullish events of the CENTURY; i.e., the Swiss National Bank devaluing the supposedly “safe-haven” franc by 7%, pegging it to the collapsing Euro.  As you can see above, gold surged back above $1,900 when the announcement hit the tape around 9:00 AM EST; but the Cartel would “have none of it”…

Swiss Franc Collapses 7% – SNB to Fix CHF to EUR and Debase Currency

At the time – just 19 months ago – the main “catalysts” of the PM surge (gold to $1,920/oz, and silver to $43/oz) were identified as the following…

1. The U.S. exceeding its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, which had been set just 18 months prior

2. Standard and Poor’s stripping the U.S.’s of its Triple-A credit rating

3. What I deem Global Meltdown II, led by – who else, but Greece…


…causing even the “DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE” to plunge (can you see the PPT supporting it around 10,800?)…


Since that time, gold has been pushed back to $1,570/oz, and silver to $26.75/oz; down 18% and 38%, respectively – while the Dow has gone on to make new (nominal) highs.  However, these dichotomous moves clearly don’t reflect REALITY; as “WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE…” then is exponentially direr.  I could turn this into an epic piece, but for the sake of brevity, here is a “short list” of some of the key global events since September 2011…

1. U.S. National debt up from $14.3 trillion to $16.8 trillion; with $16.4 trillion debt ceiling “postponed” until May 19th, 2013

2. U.S. $1.1 trillion budget deficit in 2012; “fiscal cliff” largely averted via “deal” that cancelled most “sequester” spending cuts, likely yielding $1+ trillion 2013 deficit

3. MF Global brokerage collapse, client account thefts

4. Record plunge in European GDP; record European unemployment; bailouts for Greece and Spain

5. Federal Reserve announcement of Operation Twist, QE3, QE4, and extension of ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) three times; most recently, to “at least mid-2015”

6. ECB Interest rates dropped to 0.75%; announcement of OMT (Outright Monetary Transactions) to indefinitely monetize European sovereign debt

7. Commencement of “THE FINAL CURRENCY WAR” when both the UK and Japan announced their most ambitious QE programs yet.  British pound plunges 10%, and the Japanese Yen an astonishing 25%.

8. Record worldwide gasoline prices

9. Extension of “Arab Spring” (have you seen Egypt lately?), with further escalation of political tensions between Iran and Israel; Netanyahu re-elected on a “stop Iran” platform

10. Essentially flat U.S. GDP output in 4Q 2012, despite the world’s most “aggressive” government accounting

11. Upholding of Obamacare – perhaps the most expensive, wasteful government program to date; no less, with the deciding vote cast by a Republican-appointed Chief Justice – as “S.C.O.T.U.S. CHANGES U.S.A. TO R.U.S.S.I.A.

12. Election landslide for the Democratic party, ushering in an era of “ONE PARTY FASCISM

13. Record high U.S. Food Stamps and disability participation; record low Labor Participation Rate – with essentially all new jobs in the 16-20 and 55+ age ranges, mostly part-time positions at minimum wage

14. Baltic Dry Index near all-time low

15. Cyprus financial collapse, financed by the ECB and EU stealing customer bank accounts

16. France goes Communist, electing Francois Hollande in Spring 2012.  He immediately institutes a 75% “wealth tax” on incomes above €1 million; prompting capital flight, plunging GDP, and the worst-ever approval ratings for a French President

17. Italy elects anti-Euro candidates, cannot form a government

18. Youth unemployment surges above 25% throughout Europe, including more than 50% in Spain and Greece

As I said, I could turn this RANT into a veritable opus.  However, I’ll stop here, and let you digest just how PM-BULLISH and EQUITY/FIXED INCOME-BEARISH the world currently is; not to mention, the dire prognosis for fiat currency PURCHASING POWER.

This is far from the first time governments have attempted to “control” the world via MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA; and likely, not the last.  However, it will easily be the most destructive central planning failure of ALL-TIME – rest assured.  Under such conditions, what do you think an “optimal” asset allocation should consist of?


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