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Ron Paul told CNBC what he worries about most is “the consequence of currency destruction is violence. And boy, every day there is more violence, whether it’s in London, demonstrations in Israel, all around the world, revolutions are going on.”

“How high will gold go Andy?” I am asked that question just about every day, and I really wish I knew that answer, it would make my job much easier! However, I am sure it will be much higher than most suspect.

In talking about President Nixon closing the gold window 40 years ago, geo-political analyst Jim Rickards just gave his opinion. He said, “In a strange way he did us all a favor by making sure we (the US) held on to the gold. So I do think the United States is in a position to revalue the currency using gold to that $7,000 level. That will obviously be a huge benefit to all of the people who invested in gold because they are going to be along for the ride, along with the United States when that gold goes to $7,000.”

What if gold is to be used to back a new world reserve currency? Hinde Capital CEO Ben Davies was interviewed yesterday on CNBC Europe about gold’s likely reincorporation into the international monetary system. He thinks it will happen! The interview with Davies is eight minutes long and you can watch it at the

CNBC archive here.

Have you seen the new $100 dollar bill? It has gold ALL OVER IT! They have already been printed and were originally due to be released in February. However, supposed problems with the printing have delayed distribution. What if the plan is to mitigate our enormous debt burden through inflation, while slowly allowing gold to rise to levels nobody thinks possible, and then using the huge US stockpile of gold as some sort of gold backing to a new world reserve currency? I find that a very plausible outcome, because at this point the Fed has no choice but to inflate or to die!