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Whilst the Cartel did this to gold in last night’s wee hours – as Yahoo! Finance’s “Top story” dis in genuinely read “Eerie Calm in Countdown to Fed Conclusion”…

24 Hour Spot Gold Bid 9-17-13 2320

…”Reader J” sent me the following email, pertaining to what the Fed is really up to…

People keep asking if Bernanke will taper or not.  They seem to ignore a third option – i.e., Bernanke can say he’s tapering, when in fact he is increasing QE.  I offer this because there is no way Bernanke can ‘manage’ the 10-year bond if he is limited to $45 billion a month.  In my opinion, he has to already be spending much more.  He is already saying one thing and doing another.  Not that this strategy works very well.  But it’s all he has.  And there is no way for us to know what he is really doing.

I could not agree more, and have said so for many, many years.  The government lies about anything and everything; and in its maniacal quest to “kick the can” as far as possible, no area has witnessed such deception as its financial policy.  For example, we know for a FACT that the Fed secretly lent out $16 TRILLION amidst the charred 2008-09 financial landscape; tens of billions to European sovereigns via off-balance sheet “swap agreements”; and likely, utilizes limitless funds to support “favored” markets – like U.S. Treasuries and stocks – and suppress “undesirables” like gold and silver.  In my view, there is NO WAY paper markets can be so thoroughly controlled otherwise.

The Fed knows its track record of predicting economic growth is abysmal; not to mention, the REAL economy worsens by the minute.  And thus, it will do ANYTHING – legal or illegal – to mask the nation’s economies frailties, and their own policy failures.  Fortunately, their footprints are increasingly transparent to the ENTIRE WORLD; such as in the stock market, where major averages have NEVER veered so far from economic reality; and even more so, the Precious Metals – where PHYSICAL inventories are draining like bathtubs without stoppers, as the production outlook collapses due to the financial damage wrought upon miners…

Stock Market S & P 500

TPTB will fight their demise “to the death”; but in the end, it will be they who financially die, as their fiat currency Ponzi scheme inevitably implodes.  When that day arrives – and arguably, in some nations it already has – either you will own PHYSICAL PMs, and thus be financially saved; or otherwise, worthless fiat “money units” will sentence you and yours to lives of severe economic struggle.  And given how dire the current, global financial situation is, that day could be any month, week, or day.