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“Just to replace all the jobs lost in the recession and keep up with the population growth, the economy would have to add 275,000 jobs a month for the next five years.” NY Times.

We have doubled our readership this fall. For those of you who are new to Miles Franklin, here is what you can expect from our daily. I spend hours and hours every day, reading, researching and gathering the most important information from what my three-decades of research has proved to be the finest sources available. It is tailored to keep you fully informed on the topics that will help you preserve and increase your wealth.

I often hear that the newsletter is “too long.” If there were less to talk about it wouldn’t be. I spend up to 8 hours a day, reading the most highly respected sources and then I take only the best of the best, often using only a small portion from a large body of work. (As an example, in today’s newsletter, I extracted 9 pages from Jim Willie’s massive work of nearly 100 pages.) I hope that you will subscribe to people like Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, Richard Russell, LeMetropole Café, Ted Butler, David Morgan, John Williams and Bob Chapman. I hope that you get enough of what they are saying here, in my daily, to peak your interest enough to want to read everything that they have to offer. I certainly wouldn’t miss any of them. And I NEVER miss Ranting Andy’s afternoon blog. Too fully appreciate what Andy has to say, take a jumbo Excedrin, pour a stiff drink and dig in! Andy and I are very much on the same page but we present our information in a different “tone.” My newsletter is “beige and grey,” and Andy’s is blinding White and pitch black. In either presentation, you will get all you need to know to understand what is happening, why it is happening and what you need to do to side-step the very difficult times that are surely coming.

I hope all of you consider subscribing to Gerald Celente’s Trend Research. The article I present today is a primer for what is coming next month – The Annual Trend Research Forecast. You don’t want to miss it. He is the best “futurist” there is.

People who refer to us as “doom and gloom” are idiots! We are sweating blood to help you understand what is really happening and to expose the corruption in the markets and the unwillingness of the agencies (CFTC, SEC) that have been set up to protect us. Protect us? They only protect the white shoe boys on Wall Street. Who has gone to jail in the midst of trillions of dollars of graft and corruption? John Corzine is being given, it appears, a “get out of jail free card” but then what else would you expect? The Too Big To Fail banks, insurance companies and funds are bailed out, time after time, and the rest of us are taxed to pay for it and hard working innocent Americans by the millions are being thrown onto the street. JPMorgan is allowed to run rampant in the silver pits and nothing is ever done about it. Ted Butler has made a living out of reporting on this blemish on the face of free markets.

If you vote for Obama, or any of the front-running Republicans and expect things to change or get better you are delusional. Ron Paul could make a difference, but I doubt that he has any chance to be nominated. We cannot tax our way out of this mess. We cannot cut government spending enough to solve the problem. We cannot fix it with a combination of increased taxes and spending cuts. Best case, we can push the can down the road another few years, and that is pushing it.

Read Russell and Sinclair and Celente, Doug Casey and John Williams and you will see that what I am telling you is, sadly, true. I have been studying these trends for nearly 30-years. Long ago, I decided my best course of action was to accumulate gold and silver in quantity. I really don’t have much of an advantage over any of you, because my cost for the very thing you buy is only a percent or two less than yours. That is all our mark-up is. Where I do have a big edge is in knowledge and conviction, but I am up every night from 2 to 5 (plus most of the day) putting together this newsletter FOR YOU to even the playing field. I want you to see things through MY EYES. I want you to understand WHY I am over 90% invested in the very things that I ask YOU to buy. Over the last few months, I have even sold nearly all of my mining shares (except a small position in Avalon, Western Silver and Scorpio Gold). Three years ago my portfolio was 50% stocks, 50% physical metals. As of today it is 3% mining shares and 97% physicals. Andy Hoffman is right! Why take the risk of mining shares when you can double, triple or even more, increase your net worth with physical gold and silver. You can win without the risk.

To those of you who feel you don’t have enough time to read this daily, I say that there is always time for things we deem to be important. And what could be MORE IMPORTANT than learning about the economy, the “real” economy that will determine how your net worth will fair in the next few years? But, that’s your choice, isn’t it.

I usually open with my own comments – comments that I feel are really important and shouldn’t be missed; but for me, if it ends up in the daily, it’s worth reading.


David Schectman

Miles Franklin