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Today I hope you will check out the Featured Articles section.  I have featured excerpts from Jim Willie (Hat Trick Letter) and Bill Murphy (LeMetropole Café) that really should be read.  These are great newsletters.  Have you checked them out yet?

Miles Franklin sells precious metals, so it would be natural if you assumed that our views and our writing are self-serving.  The truth is very different.  Of course we love your business and in fact need it to pay the bills and we keep sending you our daily information – but consider this…

Long before they came to work for me at Miles Franklin, Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter were writing about the same issues that they write about now.  In fact, I became aware of them from articles that they published at the LeMetropole Café.  They had no skin in the game.

They saw what was happening and starting buying gold and silver for themselves.  For many years, long before they came to work at Miles Franklin, they invested their own money in gold and silver.  It’s only recently that they received a paycheck for doing what they used to do for free.  They didn’t suddenly decide to urge people to dump dollars and buy gold and silver.  Both of them have been buyers for up to a decade.  I would like to think that I made two very wise choices when I hired them, as they are among the best writers in our industry.

My son Andy and I are fully invested in gold, silver and platinum.  Nearly all of our wealth is in the product we write about.  Sure we own a large gold and silver company, but we still invest our money in what we believe in, just as you do.  If we didn’t sell precious metals, we would still have a huge portion of our net worth in what we recommend.

Just because we are a precious metals firm does NOT mean we are not being objective and honest in our published views in our newsletter.  We are as committed to gold and silver, as owners, as anyone in our industry.  We follow our own advice!

I happen to know for a fact that many people in our industry do NOT believe in what they sell and own little if any gold and silver.  We are the exception.  That doesn’t mean our views are infallible, but I promise you we believe in what we write and we invest our own money (all of us, Hoffman, Holter and the Schectmans) in the products we sell.  So do our brokers.