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On Thursday morning, I wrote “global regime change,” regarding the sweeping political and social revolution the world is undergoing, the result of four-plus decades of cancerous economic decay, historic wealth disparity, and the relentless surge of the cost of living caused by four-plus decades of unprecedented money printing.  No matter where you look, people are dispirited, demoralized, and angry; which is why, in the last two years alone, historic votes, referendums, or other forms of regime change have occurred in nations as diverse as Scotland, Greece, Catalonia, Brazil, and the UK; with many more to come, such as next month’s potentially Europe-changing Italian Constitutional Reform referendum.

Here in the States, tomorrow’s election could – and likely, will – represent a major inflection point in global history; given that on one hand, you have a potential Trump victory, which would turbo-charge the “global regime change” trend exponentially; and on the other, a Clinton victory that would instantly demote America from the first to the second world – putting it, and many of its “allies,” in danger of a still uglier progression to the third world in the not-too-distant future.  I’ll get back to this very important point momentarily, but first I want to review the news of the past three days.  By the way, over that time, I not only penned articles announcing the launch of Miles Franklin’s online purchasing and Private Safe Deposit Box storage programs, but taped a podcast with Miles Franklin’s President and Co-Founder, Andy Schectman, discussing not only these exciting new product launches, but the current state of the bullion  market.

Frankly, it’s difficult to put much effort into discussing things no one cares about at the moment.  However, crude oil’s plunge, in the space of a week’s time, to essentially pre-OPEC announcement levels bodes terrifyingly for a world drowning in debt, desperate for the price of the world’s most commodity to not only be higher, but much higher.  Which wasn’t helped any by the Chairman of Royal Dutch/Shell himself predicting peak oil demand could occur as soon as 2021.

Or Friday’s punk jobs report, in which an additional 425,000 people left the labor force, pushing the labor participation rate to essentially a four-decade low.  Not to mention, an all-time high number of multiple job holders, and the inclusion of 197,000 “birth-death model” jobs in the 161,000 “jobs” reported.  Throw in Egypt’s devaluation of the Pound; the historic plunge of the historic Lira – as key Middle Eastern “ally” Turkey devolves to the third world; Theresa May’s unequivocal statement that nothing will stop the BrExit process; the Dallas mayor admitting its public pension fund is nearly bankrupt,  requiring the imposition of a 130% property tax increase to make it whole; state tax collections down 4% year-over-year; Class 8 truck orders posting their 20th straight monthly decline; and, Larry Summers – a strong candidate to be Treasury Secretary or Fed Chairman under Hillary Clinton – proposing an end to Fed “independence”; and you have quite the list of “PM bullish, everything else bearish” news.

And then there’s the relentless WikiLeaks disclosures, of everything from the Clinton Foundation’s attorney warning it of illegal activities; to pay-for-play, embezzlement, and the illegal acceptance of sovereign nations’ contributions; and geez, “spirit cooking.”  Not to mention, the vile Jay-Z concert put on before a Hillary campaign “rally” – which essentially no one attended – in which she praised the most disgusting, demeaning “music” I have ever heard.  And oh yeah, a supposed Trump assassination attempt in Reno, which was apparently another Democratic “bird-dogging” operation.

I mean, these people are among the worst the world has ever known, and they are that close to taking power.  Which is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that James Comey was “miraculously” able to sift through 650,000 emails – i.e, one batch of emails, from one source – in barely a week’s time to determine Hillary’s “innocence”; in turn, enabling stocks to break a nine-day losing streak and gold to be slammed the day before the election.  “Innocent ,“ that is, according to the hideously rigged, and soon-to-be-non-existent, mainstream media; as even if these particular emails didn’t contain “smoking guns,” there’s already more than enough evidence to send Hillary, Bill, and the vast majority of their inner circle to prison – which likely will occur, irrespective of the election result, given that at least four other FBI investigations are ongoing.  Let alone, if Trump becomes President, and “drains the swamp” as promised.

A promise, I might add, that I heard in person Saturday night, when I went to see Trump speak before a packed house of roughly 5,000 screaming, enthusiastic supporters – no less, on Guy Fawkes Day, the 5th of November.  Which frankly, was as uplifting as any event I’ve attended, given how many walks of life were represented; who unquestionably, were equally aware of how far from the Constitution we’ve strayed, and how close our nation is to irreversible ruin.  To that end, Trump couldn’t have sounded more passionate, or Presidential – unquestionably, the ultimate Washington outsider.  And whether you like him or not, he unquestionably represents America’s last, and only, opportunity for long-term – and perhaps, short-term – viability as a “first world” nation.

Three years ago, I wrote “third world” – in essence, mocking America and other “leading” Western nations for having the arrogance to consider themselves, “first world,” given how much they display, increasingly so, third world characteristics.  Starting, of course, with the weapon of mass political, economic, and monetary destruction that are their unfettered printing presses.  And since then, America – and said “leading” Western nations – have dramatically devolved, politically, economically, and socially.  Not to mention, monetarily, given that essentially all printing presses are running full out as we speak.  Except, of course, the Fed, which now does so covertly; which it will continue to do until the inevitable collapse of financial markets, in lockstep with freefalling economic activity, forces them back into the realm of overt easing.  Likely, in my view, by year-end if, or should I say when, Trump wins.

To that end, after watching the campaign unfold – and with it, the true colors of Hillary Clinton and the monsters she associates with – I have not a shred of doubt that if she is somehow elected, in a process viewed legitimately by U.S. citizens, America’s days in the “first world” will abruptly, and likely permanently, come to a halt.  Inflation, authoritarianism, and European-style socialism are but a few of the horrors we will experience in its wake; let alone, the legal, political, and social backlash of the FBI, Congress, and millions of enraged citizens.  And if Hillary is consistent with her track record – let alone, the historical track record of sociopathic despots atop collapsing economic edifices – the wars she initiated or supported in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria will pale in comparison to what she initiates today.  Perhaps, with Russia!

I’ll be back tomorrow to pen my final pre-election thoughts, but in the meantime, keep in mind that America’s is already sliding down the slippery slope to the second world – which not only will be certainly reached with Hillary Clinton as President, but potentially, the third world shortly thereafter.  Which, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, would be a far more PM-bullish long-term scenario than the short, or more likely intermediate-term PM surge that would occur with an “unexpected” Trump victory.