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One of the most important messages I convey – perhaps the most important – is NOTHING occurring today has not happened before, countless times throughout history.  Actually, scratch that absolutism, as there has NEVER been a period when NOT A SINGLE CURRENCY was backed by gold – until now.  My studies of human nature tell me what it is likely to occur, and history tells us what already has.  Sadly, the destruction of great empires – from the inside out – is as common as salt in the ocean.

As a race, mankind tends to deny its failures, embrace its “pleasure centers,” and ignore red flags signaling DANGER.  A perfect case in point is Washington/Wall Street/MSM dogma of the “economic recovery” that has eluded us for a decade, and likely will for years to come.  Moreover, it repeats its mistakes, entrusting its most charismatic – and sociopathic – personalities with the impossible task of restoring prosperity, a highly destructive act that ALWAYS ends in tears – and often, DEATH.

Of course, those very personalities –disguised as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” – are the very types that put the nation upon the brink of collapse in the first place, often escaping history’s barbs entirely due to fortuitous timing.  Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, George Bush, and Barrack Obama – to name a few – were considered by many to have the nation’s best interests at heart; when in fact, their sole guiding principles were ambition and wealth.  They say “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and a truer statement has not been made.  People like these – and afterwards, far less stealthy sociopaths – utilize PROPAGANDA to prey on the aforementioned human frailties, which typically “works like a charm” until the empire is visibly destroyed.   At that point, it is too late for the average person to PROTECT oneself – who more likely, they will struggle to simply survive.

Simon Black writes for the Sovereign Man, and recently I have become addicted to his simple, thought-provoking articles on the world’s trajectory – plus, the “nuts and bolts” of how to PROTECTING ONESELF.  That is, paralleling what we do at Miles Franklin, from a slightly different angle.  This week, he penned an EXCELLENT article about the tendency of nations to destroy themselves with fiat currency, a must read for yourself, friends, and family…

What’s Next… Simon Black, Sovereign Man

In it, he breaks down EXPANSION to COLLAPSE in nine stages, of which the Western world – led by its “kingpin,” the United States of Money Printing – is currently in “stage four,” on the verge of breaching the CRITICAL “stage five.”

1. A nation rises to greatness and becomes wealthy based on sound principles and the hard work of initial generations.

2. Eventually, being wealthy becomes the natural expectation… an entitlement, rather than a goal to work hard for and achieve.

3. A nation begins living beyond its means to maintain the high life without the hard work, leveraging its credibility to trade tomorrow’s production for today’s consumption.

4. Living beyond its means eventually becomes unsustainable. Government begins to slowly, then staggeringly, devalue its currency.

5. The market (i.e. people) finally wake up to the fraud being perpetrated.

6. Financial repression usually follows– high taxes which steal from the productive, negative real interest rates which steal from the savers, etc.

7. Capital flight comes next. People take their money and run.

8. Governments implement capital controls, border controls, price and wage controls, and anything else they can do to maintain the status quo. People find out who the police are really there to protect and serve.

9. Capitulation (default) is the endgame; the system resets itself and begins anew.

Think long and hard of the changes in your personal mindset AND wealth throughout the first four stages, and what they will likely look like in stages five through nine under various scenarios – from the “best-case” to the “worst.”  And not just your net worth, but physical and mental well-being, ability to PROTECT your family, and optimize your existence in a cruel, scary world unlike anything you have ever imagined.

In doing so, hopefully you will be inspired to…


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