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When we look back in history at the current times, people will surely be scratching their heads in disbelief.  I am not only talking about the financial system here, I am talking about nearly everything.  “Socially” where are we now compared to even 20 or 40 years ago?  How about compared to 80 years ago when the world was in Depression?  Do you see the spirit of “self-reliance” anymore?  How about neighbors helping out other down and out neighbors?  I would even ask if people today even know the names of people 2 or 3 doors down.

Socially, kids today for the most part have their heads stuck inside some electronic device.  Do they come home from school and play baseball, basketball or any other game?  Generally speaking no, they TEXT each other and post meaningless crap on Facebook.  How many kids work summers?  How many kids…work…period?  Compare this to 50 years ago or 100 years ago, nearly ALL kids did work of some kind whether it was for pay or helping out on the farm.

And how about “socially” from the standpoint of “beliefs” or religions?  What will people in the future think of this era of “you cannot say, print or even mention “God” in a school…or public place because it might “offend” someone.  How about schools prohibiting the Star Spangled Banner before Friday night’s football game…because it might offend someone?  Or homeowners associations banning the display of the American Flag?  “What the hell happened?” is what future historians will be thinking.

Then of course you can look at what “government” has done and is trying to do.  Building internment camps that are not even used to house people after natural disasters, buying arms and 2 billion rounds to be used domestically?  Wiretapping, surveillance cameras, false reporting of everything financial, domestic and foreign?  “Advertising” to get more “users” of “benefit plans” and encouraging the use of the government as opposed to standing on one’s own two feet?  How about the educational system?  This is where it starts and schooling today is a complete joke.

…And yes financially.  How will “this era” be seen from a financial standpoint?  Are we not making the same mistakes that have been made and documented in past history?  We are printing fiat money, globally just like Weimar Germany.  We are over borrowing like the Romans did, like the French did and unlike ever before.  We are copying and putting to shame every, and all Ponzi schemes ever created and combined by MULTIPLES.  We have gone to spectacular lengths to get more for less and something for nothing.  The alchemists of old were nothing compared to today.  They at least tried to turn lead (something real) into gold.  Today they are trying to turn “nothing” into gold or conversely gold into “paper nothings.”

In the future, just as anyone today reading the history of the fall of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, the Weimar Germany experience, the tulip bulb mania, South Sea bubble and all the rest…people will think to themselves, “What were they thinking?”  Of course, you could look at this in another fashion…only if you have not already consumed the Kool Aid.  You could look around you today, right now and see it.  Can you change it?  Can you change anything?  Yes and no, you cannot change what is coming but you can change how you will survive (or not) through it.

The above may sound like lunacy to you (I hope not), it is not.  If there is any silver lining to what we are doing right now it’s that the odds are we will at least go back to more basic values as it unfolds and terminates.  People (and governments) will figure out that you must “do or make” something…otherwise you will get nothing.  It has always been this way and always will be no matter what sort of “new alchemic technology” is created.