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Recently, I’ve pointed out that the price of gold and silver were counter-intuitive.  They were drifting slowly down or sideways in spite of the Fed’s refusal to “Taper,” and the government’s inability to address the out of control deficits.  Today the markets appeared to wake up to what is going on – or maybe it’s just JPMorgan and the boyz luring the hedge funds back to the long side before they pull the rug out all over again?

Silver finished the day above its 50-day moving average (22.51) and gold moved above its 50-day moving average too, (1342.96) then backed off a bit.  Rising above or falling below the 50-day MA usually brings the hedge funds back into the trade.

I get the feeling that we are at a tripping point here; not just another small move up, followed by a tumble.  If there is any common sense left out there or any big picture awareness, gold and silver should move up from here, and the move shouldn’t stall out.

Here are the six-month gold and silver charts.  Note that RSI (very top of the graphs) and MACD (bottom of the graphs) are moving up.  These trends usually last for a while.

$GOLD Spot Price 10-22-2013

$SILVER 10-22-2013

How much longer can the fools (central banks and bullion banks) in the West continue to empty their shelves of their most precious assets, gold and silver, and send them to the savvy East (China and India and most of Asia) for dollars? And even if common sense doesn’t play a part in the short-term kick-the-can-down-the-road philosophy, physical supply does.

Where is all the gold and silver coming from?  Andy, Bill and I write about this all the time.  But just because something takes longer to happen than you think it should doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, or currently, isn’t happening now.

I have noticed a trend-change recently.  Our clients are selling back more gold and silver than usual.  I’m not sure if they are feeling the pinch and need the money or if they have just given up?  It’s a sad thing, but most people buy at the top and sell at the bottom.  Don’t make that mistake.  Hold onto your metals until you have no other (paper) asset left to sell.  Better yet, add to your position now, before the markets really take off.  We are still doing a lot of business, so many of you get the story and understand that once things turn up, which could happen any time now (even Larry Edelson is of that mindset), then you will pay many more dollars for the privilege of adding ounces of gold and silver and unloading unwanted dollars.

If you think that Holter, Hoffman and the Schectman’s are just salesmen, promoting what they sell – well, you couldn’t be more wrong.  All of us are fully invested in what we sell, have most of our net worth in physical precious metals, and believe totally in this philosophy.  And we buy the dips.

The last couple of years have given me an opportunity to buy a lot of gold, silver and platinum at cheap prices. I focus on ounces – the more I acquire the better off I will be in the long run, and the price will take care of itself, soon enough.

I have reprinted an Open Letter To The World Gold Council by Eric Sprott.  It’s in the Featured Article Section after Andy Hoffman’s column.  They are one of the key propaganda arms of the gold suppression gang.  The supply/demand data they present from their partner in deception, GFMS, misleads investors into believing that there is a surplus of gold – when in fact, the deficit last year was around 3,000 tonnes.  The worst of it is that the WGC is the very organization that was established to PROMOTE gold and it was supposed to promote the mining companies and increase their business.  The fox is watching over the hen house!  Ed Steer says:

The reason that the WGC exists is so that a real gold council can’t be formed that might actually work in the gold miners’ best interests.

Casey Research, October 23, 2013

The best way to get rid of the fox is to shine a bright light on it but mysteriously, the mining companies that fund it remain silent as their share prices tumble and tumble.  My friends Jim Cook and Bill Murphy have often pointed out how inept the CEOs of the major mining companies are.  (Barrick is a good example)  They continue to fund the WGC and they refuse to hold back their gold and silver to put a crimp on the manipulation that is killing the profits and the share prices of the companies they run.  It’s a must read. You can link to it here (World Gold Council consistently understates gold demand, Sprott charges) or read it at the bottom of today’s newsletter.