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I must admit that I am somewhat surprised that the Fed has not come to the rescue of the economy and President Obama with another round of QE(3).  What are they waiting for?  If, as Sinclair says, they will come up with as much money as needed to bail out the states and the banks, then why hold back now?  One of the consequences of this delay is a very strong dollar and that can’t please US exporters.  Wall Street certainly wants more QE.  Just about everyone wants more QE.  I don’t believe that Helicopter Ben suddenly “got religion” and has changed his “I’ll drop hundred dollar bills from helicopters” tactics.  He “claims” to have the tools to reel back in the inflation that QE is bound to cause so what’s causing the delay?  Where is QE3?  Does the Fed want to oust Obama?  They sure are acting that way.  QE3 is coming and it can’t be far off and when it does, the lull in precious metals will come to an end.

They were never leaning in any other direction. – Jim Sinclair