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Why all of a sudden does it look like alliances against the U.S. are being formed everywhere.  The Chinese and Russians are doing deals together.  The Chinese have also formed trade deals and even currency exchange deals with NATO countries like Australia, France and even Britain.  It even looks like the Saudis may be switching sides but this one is not yet in concrete.  After writing this piece and while editing it, news has broken that Saudi Arabia has signed a “drone” deal where they will make drone purchases from China.  Further evidence of the Saudis cozying up to China.

So why now?  Why the sudden acceleration?  I think that if you “look under the hood,” you may not see any one single reason but instead many.  First, unless you have blinders on, the “manipulation” is getting beyond brutal.  The markets in the U.S. (and globally) are being pushed, shoved, rammed and manhandled 24/7.  Almost nothing trades as it used to nor does anything trade with “logic.”  It has gotten to the point where the press really has to stretch and strain to report market reactions to news because the actions lack any credibility.  The other area that lacks credibility is the economic reports.  Inflation, unemployment, housing sales, earnings, “bank capital,” you name it, almost nothing adds up or even comes close to the reality that people see in their everyday lives.

If “2+2” doesn’t add up to 4 for the average Joe on the street, do you think that the leaders of Russia or China are fooled by our markets or our reporting?  China is a major buyer in many markets and they know “how much” they have bought and are buying.  Take gold for example; do you think that they don’t know how much gold they are buying in relation to total global production?  Do you really believe that they haven’t done the calculations of how much they have bought versus how much the West (supposedly) had?

Or how about the Russians?  Do you believe that Mr. Putin just sat back during the Ukrainian coup and thought to himself “oh well, the population wants a new ruler?”  Do you really believe that the “West” had no hand in the coup whatsoever?  Or how about Egypt, Syria…or Benghazi?  Did these things just happen on their own?  All of this goes back a long time now, do you think that there are not Russian and Chinese engineers whom have not done studies to see whether or not steel buildings can both fall from a fire?  Or a 3rd one from nothing at all?  Mainstream media may be able to “work” on the populace but not on knowledgeable people who are skeptical in the first place.  Go back in your own mind 40 years ago, did Pravda “work” on the Russian people?  To some extent it probably did, but did their propaganda work on Americans?  No, because it did not make any sense and “their 2+2” never added up correctly with other known facts.

So, back to my original question…”why now?”  I believe it is because the rest of the world senses weakness.  They sense economic, financial, moral and maybe even military weakness on our part.  They know that the “numbers” are all fudged and our markets are all rigged.  They see our moral compass spinning around like an over loaded electric meter.  They see us tolerating all sorts of things that used to mean jail time and they see financial fraud that not only goes unpunished but is actually rewarded.  I am truly sorry to say this but the rest of the world sees a bully that is broke financially, drunk with grandeur, fat, lazy, lies, steals and cheats.  Do you wonder why they “don’t want to hang out with us” anymore?

From a logistical standpoint, the world simply does not “need” the U.S. anymore like they once did.  The world has rebuilt and grown up since WWII.  They once relied on our knowledge, productive capacity, our capital and even our protection… they now have much of this on their own and no longer need our “help.”  Especially when our “help” came at great costs and when “deals” didn’t turn out to be such “good deals for them.”  What is happening now is merely what should have been expected.  If you were in business with an overbearing partner that twisted the truth, changed the rules (your deal) whenever it suited them and could not be trusted …would you keep doing business with them?  This is where we are today and why it looks like we are living in a massive “convergence” of international change.  Call it whatever you’d like, George Bush first called it a “new world order” although what is occurring now was probably not part of his vision.

It is important that you understand the basic concept of mankind that “gold always flows to where power and wealth is being accumulated.”  You are being told every single day that “gold is not money” from various and many sources in the West.  The East however deeply believes that gold is money.  It is crystal clear that gold is flowing like a river eastward along with our productive economy and finances.  Who should you believe?  Not only that, who do you think will “price” gold in the future?  Those who have it or those who don’t?

My point is this, we have many different events all lining up together at the same time and none of them “pro U.S.”  Alliances are being formed by “up and coming” nations that have disdain for the U.S. and the dollar, AND who believe that gold IS in fact money.  Greenspan, Bernanke and anyone else in the U.S. can perjure themselves in front of Congress and say that gold is not money …it doesn’t, can’t and won’t make it so.  It won’t make it so because as the U.S. becomes more and more isolated, the new alliances become more and more powerful.  Along with this “power” comes the ability to “make the rules.”  Remonetizing gold is not even a rule that is difficult to make since it runs alongside that of Mother Nature.  The tough rules to make or enforce are the ones the West has tried to enforce by convincing the world that gold is not money which are naturally and patently false.  Call it whatever you’d like, re monetization, re set, or what have, the rest of the world wants it, Mother Nature demands it…it is coming soon whether you are ready for it or not!