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When I was just a little kid, I can still remember my Dad telling me, “If you don’t want to tick people off, stay away from talking about religion and politics.”  Recently I was asked why I am writing so much about “politics.”  Well, I have not written too much about U.S. politics because the two party system is hopelessly broken where a vote either way is either thrown away, counted incorrectly and really doesn’t matter because your choices are two sides of the same coin.  Writing about U.S. internal politics is pointless.  I have written quite a bit recently about international or “geo”politics and even made comments on religion.  There is a valid reason for this, because when all is said and done it all boils down to the dollar which is becoming like a political ping pong ball.

If you ignore geopolitics or religion (in the Middle East) today then you might as well spin yourself around 3 times with a blindfold on and then try to walk a straight line.  Without understanding global politics, you will have a zero percent chance of ever understanding where “this” is headed.  I believe that the U.S. is again posturing and even being provocative in the hopes of starting another war …somewhere, somehow.  Let me explain this, I believe that there is now a raging fire behind the financial scenes.  The tried and true way to divert attention from anything “internally bad” has always been to either start a war overseas or create some other scandal or false flag event.

The above said, we (the U.S.) are pushing and shoving in two areas, the Ukraine and Iraq situations.  Let me take these one by one so that I can add them up for you.  First, let’s look at Ukraine.  There exists anecdotal evidence that we in fact stirred up this pot to get it boiling in the first place, but let’s assume that the unrest would have started and did start as we are “told.”  So far we have sanctioned Russia twice which are like pokes in the eye.  They have remained relatively restrained to this point.   Today, Russia has somewhat turned the tables on the U.S. and rather than go tit for tat, they announced an “anti-dollar” policy.

Please understand what is happening here, or I should say “already” happened.  For Russia to announce an “Anti-dollar” policy is the equivalent of a declaration of war.  Were this to have been done by anyone, anywhere on the planet even 10 years ago would have resulted in immediate military action by the U.S.  Maybe this is Russia’s way of getting Washington to throw the first punch but I don’t think so.  Rather, I believe that Russia has already held talks with many other foreign nations to get their anticipated response were Russia to announce this anti-dollar policy.  We know that the Chinese are on board, we know that 9 out of 10 Gazprom customers are OK with non-dollar settlement and who knows how far and wide Russia may have had high level discussions on this topic.  My point is this, Russia would NEVER, EVER make a leap (and do it publicly) as big as announcing an anti-dollar policy if they had not already lined up 99% of their ducks.  Do you see what I am saying here?  The deal in my opinion to dump the dollar has already been planned and is being hatched right here and now by the Russians!  I will get back to this momentarily but we have another hot spot in Iraq that I believe is connected and needs to be explained.

ISIS has run wild in northern Iraq taking 5 city/towns and leaving a trail of murdered and beheaded Iraqis in their wake.  Again, there is evidence that ISIS in Syria has received U.S. funding but let’s assume they did not, so as not to muddy the waters further.  ISIS is now about 30 miles outside of Baghdad and the U.S. has received requests from Iraq for help.  Iraq is run currently by Shia’s, ISIS are Sunni so there is your religious divide.  Now, Saudi Arabia is Sunni while Iraq is primarily Shia, another divide but one that is very important.  Saudi Arabia has now warned Iran to stay out of the fray in Iraq and it turns out that we (the U.S.) have had talks with Iran about helping their Shia brethren in Iraq.  Do you see the problems here?  Oh, and to illustrate the problems, Saudi Arabia has now warned Iran to stay out of the fray as the U.S. negotiates their help. This is the current picture; our Middle East policy looks like it is being formulated and implemented by a bunch of moronic clowns trying to play one side against the other but ends up in a dead end of logic.

OK, so let me add this 1+1 together for you.  We have pushed Russia far enough for them to publicly announce an unprecedented “anti-dollar policy.”  As I said above, they would never have done this on their own as it would mean their financial destruction.  Russia has also shut off the gas supply to Ukraine …knowing full well that Ukraine would then shut Russia’s supply of gas through their pipelines to Europe which now throws Europe into the mix.  Will this bring Europe closer to the U.S.?  Or will it prod Europe to tell the U.S. to ease up on sanctions as their economy starts to shut down and the weather begins to get cold?  This is “1,” now we add the other “1” which is the ridiculous policy we are following in the Middle East.  Iran is and has already been shut off of the dollar, what will happen if (I believe “when” is a foregone conclusion).  Saudi Arabia announces that they will no longer accept only dollars for oil?  Actually, what if they were to announce that they will no longer accept dollars at all?  And that if you want their oil you must pay in something OTHER THAN dollars?  How would this work out?

To do the “addition” for you, this works out to the death of the dollar.  It will not in my opinion be a long and convoluted process.  Jim Sinclair believes that the dollar will trade down to the 70-72 level from here which would be a 10-12% drop …on its way down to 56.  I don’t usually disagree with Jim on many topics but I do on this one because if Russia were to attract Saudi Arabia to their anti-dollar policy, country after country would then follow (or are already lined up).  It would be like flipping a light switch and the dollar’s lights would just go out.  Maybe we move to the 56 level but I cannot see it holding for long without a re set or going to an internal/external dollar which is another subject altogether.

Before finishing, I’d like to mention one other aspect that you should expect.  When this happens, “dollars” which are now largely held overseas will come back home to …buy “stuff” (dumped) in a frenzied and panicked manner.  This will be incredibly inflationary.  Some of these dollars will be pointed at “our” gold.  You can expect a massive amount of contracts for silver and gold standing for delivery that will not be willing to accept “dollar bribes” to accept a premium and “go away” quietly in the night; I believe that a force majeure will be the result.  If I am correct about my 1+1 premise, it would be foolish for “the world” not to finish off the COMEX and LBMA.

So, “why so much politics?”  Because foreign politics seems to be aimed directly at the dollar at the same time our own foreign policies (and internal) seem to simultaneously be aimed at our own currency’s Achilles heel.  What is happening right now is all about the dollar and its planned demise. Let me remind you that gold is the “anti-dollar.”  I believe that right now you are witnessing the reason for these many years I have screamed “gold” from the rooftops for anyone willing to listen.  I believe the plan is to destroy thoroughly the dollar.  Externally for sure and possibly even from within if you view our official financial and economic policies, no one could be this ignorant. Could they?  If this is the case and I 100% believe it is you would then want to own as much “anti-dollar” as possible.