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Of course, you idiot!  That is exactly why the Fed and the Treasury Department constantly manipulate the price of gold.  Don’t fix the problems, kill the messenger.  But the voters in China are not stupid.  They vote with their wallets.  They buy all the gold the stupid western central banks are selling, in their futile effort to trick the voters here, in the U.S., into thinking the economy is healthy and the stock market is safe.  What a crock!

This is the best that MSM has to offer.  Forbes, Buffet, and those like them are investors who have lived the high life by supporting government policies, no matter how flawed.  The system has been very kind to them.  Forget the masses.  Ignore, no, encourage the lies and manipulation.  The gap between “us” and the Wall Street crowd has never been larger, and it is growing.

It seems to me that we will not “vote” our way out of this.  Both parties are to blame and neither is offering a viable solution.  Vote with your wallet, and buy gold and silver.  It is your safety net, even if you don’t yet realize it.

Maybe you will open your eyes and your mind when you read that gold is over $2,000 and silver is back above $50 and still rising.

P.S.  Jim Sinclair presented an article about the manipulation of aluminum inventories in the Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan warehouses in Detroit.  Yeah, they do it and make billions on the added costs to soda and beer cans.  They manipulate interest rates, and every other thing under the sun, but still, most of Main Street denies that they manipulate gold (and silver).  Heck, even Steve Forbes knows that much.  Actually, he knows more than he says. He explains the volatility of the gold market on the Fed’s QE.  He tells you that the Fed and politicians have made a mess of things and that’s why they have to suppress the price of gold.  I will end this with two simple words (to those short gold):  Good Luck!