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Repeat after me, “gold is money,” period!  Gold is not an investment, even though it’s been the best performing investment class of the last decade. Gold is a like a solidly built life raft floating on a rough and uncharted ocean of uncertainty.

For thousands of years, gold has taken the role of money, and was a symbol of wealth.  Throughout  all of those years, gold never defaulted.  History has shown us that all paper currencies eventually inflate their way to zero. All of them!  The US dollar will fare no better.

In December, 1913 Congress handed over control of our money supply to a private bank, cleverly and deceptively called The Federal Reserve.  Since 1913, and under the stewardship of the fed, the US dollar has lost more than 95 percent of its purchasing power.

In 1913 it took slightly more than $20 to purchase 1 ounce of gold.  A 1913 $20 Saint Gaudens weighs .9675 of an ounce of pure gold.  Today, just the melt value of that same gold coin is worth over $1,200, and that price is on the rise.

You see, it’s not the price of gold that is rising; rather it’s the dollar that has been continuously falling.  It is gold that is the time tested standard, or the measuring stick of value, not the dollar.   In other words, the five dollar bill in your wallet might not buy you much these days, but in 1913, five dollars would spend like $100 does today.

Brace yourself for a collapse in the dollar, because it’s coming.  The only question is will the dollar’s fall from grace be gradual, or will it just collapse and catch the world by surprise?

As the dollar falls, the price of gold will rise exponentially. Your best protection against a dollar that we believe is a sure bet to fall is a safe full gold and silver coins.

Get longer gold and silver!