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Amidst my pervasive “gloom and doom,” I like to mix in inspirational stories of the human condition – how individuals occasionally triumph over challenging obstacles, harrowing circumstances, or their own inner demons – per recent RANTS such as “AGT,” “INSPIRATION AND PERSEVERENCE,” AND “GERALD CELENTE, PATRIOT.”  When I was a child, no show inspired me to succeed like Wide World of Sports; thus, to achieve the “thrill of victory,” and avoid the “agony of defeat”…

Wide World of Sports Intro 1978
Three years ago, when the stock of the junior miner I worked for – and most of my mining investments – fell 80%, I saw the worst of humanity, first-hand.  The cumulative human response to Global Meltdown I – particularly in my sector – was NOT to band together, but lash out, double-cross, and otherwise demonstrate how the “survival instinct” works, at the expense of ones’ fellow man.

My wife is a ballet dancer by background – despite abandoning her dreams when living in New York, in lieu of paying the bills as an attorney – and to my great pleasure, works today as a ballet teacher in the Denver area.  Consequently, I have been exposed to the arts more than most husbands, particularly in the field of dance.  By the way, I highly recommend the Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance” to EVERYONE.

After a particularly bad day circa early 2009, she bought tickets to see the Pilobolus (dance company) in nearby Boulder.  I had never heard of Pilobolus, but Diana said it utilized a unique mix of physical strength, creative choreography, and special effects to dazzle audiences.  In many ways, Pilobolus – which last year performed at the Academy Awards – is a variation of the brilliant French company, Cirque de Soleil

Pilobolus @ 79th Oscars
After watching the performance, featuring superior artistry and skill such as this…

Pilobolus on Late Night with Conan O’Brien
…and this, I distinctly remember saying my faith in humanity had been restored.  Pilobolus couldn’t save my Company or stop the Cartel, but they could make me smile.  The hard work of its devoted members and fearless leader – Moses Pendleton – was a joy to watch, particularly the innocence and benevolence manifest in the various, diverse pieces…

Pilobolus Repertory 2012
Last week, while perusing the internet, I came across an incredible feat of agility and hand-to-eye coordination, which I initially thought to be fraudulent.  However, it really happened, a tribute to the beauty, artistry, and skill the human body can achieve.  This clip inspired the “WIDE WORLD OF MANKIND,” as well as the incredible TV show “America’s Got Talent” – which, after six seasons, I finally started watching…

Two guys volley a baseball using only their bats

Many of the acts are simple novelties, but some are truly special.  My skill is analyzing and commenting on financial data, which thousands of people do each day.  Thus, I find it awe-inspiring to imagine the “creative juices” and unique skill sets involved in creating such unparalleled beauty.  Every ounce of these people’s beings’ is devoted to bettering the world, so when you’re feeling down, remember life is a wonderful gift, to be cherished each day.

Thus far, some of my favorite acts are this amazing “speed painting” crew…

David Garibaldi His CMYK’s,- America’s Got Talent 2012 (Season 7)
…this breathtaking “sand artist”…

Joe Castillo Sand Art on America’s Got Talent
…and these brilliant “light painters”…

Aurora Light Painters, Austin Auditions ~ America’s Got Talent 2012
Remember, life is as POSITIVE as it is NEGATIVE – and if you can, do your best to view your glass as “half-full.”  Blessings to all!


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