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This is the second day in a row that Ranting Andy has sent me TWO essays for the newsletter. Hey, Andy – ya gotta slow down! Andy, don’t ya ever sleep?

But – his essays keep getting better and better. Starting in a week or two, Andy will present his “Rants” in a separate afternoon edition of the Miles Franklin Report, as a companion piece to this newsletter. We hope you will read BOTH. The truth is, there is so much to write about now, and newsworthy events seem to be speeding up. From China to Iran to Greece and Italy – from the euro to the dollar – the winds of change are bearing down on us. It’s hard to keep up. In the early 90s, I wrote a quarterly newsletter. In the late 90s I upped it to a monthly, and eight years ago it became a weekly. I think it was about four or five years ago that it finally became a daily, and as soon as our editor gets back from her well-earned vacation, next week, we will be going to a two-a-day format. Don’t write me and say “it’s over kill.” It’s not. If you want to be on top of what is happening, we are offering you the information that you need. Not once, but twice a day. Andy’s Rants are so unique that I decided they should be a stand-alone newsletter, not an insert into my daily. I hope you agree. 

Meanwhile, gold keeps attacking the $1,800 resistance. Will today be the day it finally settles above $1,800, stays there and starts its ascent toward $1,900? It wouldn’t surprise me. Silver has been butting up against $35 and it also poised to top it, and move back toward $38. I know it seems like gold and silver are moving in slow-motion, but just think back five years ago – gold was barely over $600 and has nearly tripled since. And silver was selling for $7.50! Don’t you wish you were buying silver then? Five years from now, you will wish you were buying gold at $1,800 and silver at $35, and that’s a fact!