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While watching a little (as little as possible) CNBC, they did a piece on the “NFL”.  For those of you who watched Green Bay intercept Seattle’s last gasp pass of the game last night, only to be ruled a touchdown may have a clue where this is going.  CNBC had a big discussion about the replacement referee’s and how they were ruining the game.  One of the female anchors said that it’s not really worth watching because the final score doesn’t represent what happens in the game.

Well, well, well…isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?  Take a look at the markets… ALL MARKETS!  They don’t reflect reality in any sense of the word.  Everything is manipulated and no markets represent true “value”.  They (CNBC) did a poll as to whether the bad refereeing would hurt the game and whether people intended to continue to watch.  Why don’t they ask themselves the questions about their own baby, the markets.  The “referees” (the regulators) continually turn a blind eye, volume is down, everyone who has an IQ greater than their shoe size can see the manipulation and those who “don’t” are just plain lying.  The “owners” (banks) just want you to keep on watching and keep on “gambling” so their cash flows continue.  CNBC already has an answer to their own question regarding the NFL.  If they would just look at their own ratings and advertising revenues, they know that the public is fed up, scared  or just plain disgusted.  The public is already voting yet CNBC doesn’t even realize that they themselves are the voting booth!